We strive to offer colored gemstones that are sourced in alignment with fair trade and environmentally responsible principles.

Generally, the sourcing of colored gemstones is still largely dominated by informal, small-scale mining and industry best practices are still being established for demonstrating origin and mining practices. Many obstacles still exist in obtaining information about gemstone mining conditions around the world, which makes it challenging to trace gemstone origins and track the conditions under which they were mined. Distinctive physical characteristics can in some cases be used to support origin verification, which enhances traceability. By continually working with our colored gemstone suppliers to improve standards and traceability, we strive to promote higher standards for gemstone sourcing to transform dangerous mining conditions and encourage responsible holistic practices.


Eligere Jewelry’s Gold and Precious Metals Sourcing Policy

We understand the environmental and socio-economic impact that conflict gold mining practices have on our world. We, along with other leaders of the retail jewelry industry, have made a commitment to call for more responsible mining of gold and other precious metals. Eligére Jewelry has signed the Golden Rules, which demonstrate the importance of these principles for more responsible mining. The Golden Rules call on mining companies to meet the following basic standards in their operations:

• Respect basic human rights outlined in international conventions and law

• Obtain the free, prior, and informed consent of affected communities

• Respect workers’ rights and labor standards, including safe working conditions

• Ensure that operations are not located in areas of armed or militarized conflict

• Ensure that projects do not force communities off their lands

• Ensure that projects are not located in protected areas, fragile ecosystems, or other areas of high conservation or ecological value

• Refrain from dumping mine wastes into the ocean, rivers, lakes, or streams

• Ensure that projects do not contaminate water, soil, or air with sulfuric acid drainage or other toxic chemicals

• Cover all costs of closing down and cleaning up mine sites

•Fully disclose information about social and environmental effects of projects

• Allow independent verification of the above